WHY to Support APCF by donating 2% of income tax?

APCF used resources obtained in 2018 for two strategic objectives: Continuing Professional Development for specialists and Investment into the New Generation, as detailed below.

A. Continuing Professional Development

  • Approx. 500 specialists from Romania and Moldova in Fraud Risk Management, Information Security and Compliance, were present at APCF events: seminars and conferences
  • Approx. 40,000 views in online articles and events APCF
  • Speaker at the event “Mapping Corruption Schemes Involving EU Funds” supported by the European Anti Fraud Office (OLAF) and organized by Center of Legal Resources

B. Investment into the Next Generation

  • 3 Scholarships for obtaining certification: Fraud Examiner- ACFE were provided free of charge for students from the Police Academy “Alexandru Ioan Cuza”
  • Educational campaign "Say No to Fraud! Education Say YES! "
  • Partnership with "create Yourself" for institutionalized children in the project: Discover your skills
  • The project APCF - "Planting Good Deeds" –Planting Trees in Ilfov county

For 2019, we want to grow the existing projects and start new ones.

Join us! Support APCF by completing Form 2% as detailed below.

According to the Tax Code in force, taxpayers can direct individuals each year, 2% of their income tax, an initiative by the non-profit (non-governmental organization, association or foundation).

This amount does not represent a personal contribution (sponsorship, donation, etc.) but is part of the state budget, which is directed by each citizen to the nongovernmental sector. The difference is that, in this way, you can decide for themselves what purpose to have this amount, being able to straighten that 2% (the tax that you pay anyway) to a charity you want to support.

HOW TO Donate 2% of income tax to APCF?

Step 1. Fill in Formularul 230.pdf (if you had in 2018 income only from wages) or ANAF Unique From ( if in 2018 you realized other income - from wages or self-employment or independent activities only - professional services, intellectual property, rents etc. ).

APCF identification data can be found below:

Name of Organization: Association for Preventing and Combating Fraud (APCF)
Fiscal identification code (tax code): 33555547
Bank account IBAN: RO14RNCB0082144136670001

Step 2. Send the form to the IRS where you belong until 15 March 2019: form may be submitted directly or sent by post with registered letter (return receipt).

P.S. If you do not have the time, we can help you. Send it to us completed & signed and We'll handle the rest of the formalities.