Mission & Objectives

Mission & Objectives

Mission and Objectives

Association for Preventing and Combating Fraud is a nonprofit association founded on April 25, 2014, under Ordinance 26/2000 on associations and foundations aimed at:

  • Creating a solid pole specialists in fraud risk management, compliance and information security ;
  • Developing a strong anti-fraud culture in Romania.

The association was formed as a result of the initiative of a group of individuals within different national and multinational companies that have had the honor common values, ethics, fairness and altruism. The founding members of the Association belong mainly from banking system, Consulting, Audit, Telecom and Insurance and want to be part of a forum for professional excellence in preventing and combating fraud. Experience and expectations founders made to choose a motto expectations "FRAUD HAPPENS ... BE PREPARED".

Association for Preventing and Combating Fraud mission is to:

  • Create awareness among Individuals and companies regarding the risk of fraud, money laundering, corruption, conflict of interest and information security;
  • Support continuous professional development for  anti-fraud, money laundering, anti-corruption or information security specialists and adherence to high international standards in this area;
  • Develop exchange of best practices on preventing and combating fraud between the private and public sectors.

The Board of Directors of the Association consists of:    

  • President: Alin Becheanu, CFE
  • Vice President: Ciprian Paunescu, CFE
  • Secretary General: Florin Orban, CFE
  • Treasurer: Raluca Voicu
  • Member Ethics: Michael Bustan  

APCF Code of Ethics and Conduct - Cod de etica si conduita APCF.pdf