Mission & Objectives

Mission & Objectives

Mission and Objectives

Association for Preventing and Combating Fraud is a nonprofit association with the goal to support Organizations to Fight Fraud through:

  • Creating a solid pole specialists in fraud risk management, compliance and information security ;
  • Developing a strong anti-fraud culture

The association was formed as a result of the initiative of a group of individuals within different national and multinational companies that have had the honor common values, ethics, fairness and altruism. The founding members of the Association chose the motto:  "FRAUD HAPPENS... BE PREPARED".

Association for Preventing and Combating Fraud mission is to:

  • Create awareness among Individuals and companies regarding the risk of fraud, money laundering, corruption, conflict of interest and information security;
  • Support continuous professional development for  anti-fraud, money laundering, anti-corruption or information security specialists and adherence to high international standards in this area;
  • Develop exchange of best practices on preventing and combating fraud between the private and public sectors.

The Board of Directors of the Association consists of:    

  • President: Alin Becheanu, CFE
  • Vice President: Simona Pirtea
  • Secretary General: Silviu Gresoi, CFE
  • Treasurer: Raluca Voicu
  • Member Ethics: Claudia Petre 

APCF Code of Ethics and Conduct -Cod de etica si conduita APCF.pdf