Romanian Police participated in "AVALANCHE"  Operation

Romanian Police participated in "AVALANCHE" Operation

Romanian Police attended, along with law enforcement authorities in other 29 states supported by international law enforcement organizations, the largest operation carried cybercrime worldwide." Avalanche" network is estimated to be infected every day more than 500,000 computers worldwide.



On November 30, 2016, following an investigation that lasted five years, was launched Operation Avalanche , "after which it was blocked activity of a network of Computers through which attacks were launched.


The operation was launched by the German judicial authorities and was supported by actions undertaken in other 30 countries. It also was supported by Europol, Interpol, the United States Attorney's Office for the Western District of Pennsylvania, the Department of Justice and F.B.I.


Following these activities, five people were detained and 37 properties were raided and 39 servers were seized. They identified victims from 180 countries whose computers were infected with malware. Also, 220 servers were sent offline through notifications of misuse submitted to providers of hosting services.


This was the largest operation of its kind, more than 800,000 web domains being frozen, locked or removed from the control of cybercriminals.
The victims whose computers were infected with malware sent via network Avalanche can use web pages created to assist in the release of malicious computer: and, and,;;;;

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